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Warrior Professional Gear meets the most stringent safety norms of the safety shoe industry so that every pair lasts long, and delivers high performance.

Widely acknowledged as a leader in the Indian footwear industry, we, at Liberty, manufacture low neck and high neck (ankle) shoes. The thrust, throughout the manufacturing process, remains on shoes which fit well and look good. After all, wearers wear their shoes for long hours, that too under adverse conditions.

Over 65 years of glorious evolution in footwear industry in India, we have acquired the finest facilities wherein we craft leather safety shoes and work boots which are all weather friendly, anti-skid, oil, petrol, alcohol and abrasion resistant. They are also antistatic with a tolerance range between 100 Kilo Ohms and 1000 Mega Ohms.

Our shoes are also treated to discourage bacterial and fungal growth; moreover, the soft chrome leather/ non-woven inner lining of the shoes enable sweat absorption, thus keeping feet cool and odour free.

The high standards associated with Warrior are evidenced by approvals from reputed laboratories from across the world, such as PFI, ITC, TUV, PSB, FDDI, India and authorized laboratories in the world. Our commitment to deliver high performance safety footwear makes us a reputed safety shoes manufacturer in India and across the globe.

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Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India, Industrial Safety Shoes Supplier/Exporters in India
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Top industrial safety shoes exporters in India for bulk supply of safety footwear. Warrior is one of the leading Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India.
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